Our aim is to create a platform for innovation, layered with additional tools and services necessary for companies large and small to develop and grow. The ecosystem is dedicated to sharing knowledge, expertise, ideas and skills and members are encouraged to collaborate and co-create.


Regular events, meet-ups and talks are held in QuarterDeck to facilitate both social and professional interaction between members that will lead to cross pollination of ideas.


Members can work amongst like minded professionals in an environment that is dedicated to innovation.  The QuarterDeck is dedicated to attracting increasing amounts of talent, knowledge, experience and skills and is operated on a ‘co-working’ membership model.  This flexible approach ensures that anybody who is dedicated to innovative thinking can become part of our community (either part-time or full-time) for a monthly membership fee that can be cancelled quickly and easily.




Whether you are a start-up, a business looking to grow or an office looking for a remote collaboration hub or to decentralise your office, we have an impressive team on hand that can help you create the best space to suit you.